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Beware of killer offers in Dubai - எச்சரிக்கை ! 17

அதிரைநிருபர் பதிப்பகம் | November 01, 2012 | ,

I would like to share with you brothers and sisters about marketing strategies of Malls, Super Market-Groceries in Dubai and buying habits of people who is attracted by the advertisements and lose their valuable money.

The advertisement leaflets and beautiful brouchers are distributed periodically. Usually available in the reception of each building in communities. There will be dashing brouchers from malls, supermarkets-groceries, depicted with pictures of items.(mostly the items would be soon expiring, inferior qualities, or going to be outdated electronics, or older models) Price strategies from 0.99 dirham (not 1 dirham), 250 dhs old price - 169 dhs new price and other well known tricks.

Once we get brouchers we browse(repeatedly minimum 4 or 5 times) for offers and found one or two items which are not really necessary for us but we make up our mind to so many usage options (like going vacation in the coming month or lets use it in this or that way, the offer would be no more, so lets grab it soon) and make decision to go and purchase. Then once we go there the offer will be out of stock, or the offer is mislead or if it is the right offer as we saw in adv. then we not only purchase the offer items, we go for other items also. So we spend more money on unnecessary items. And we lose our money.

Actually the offers are useful when we have been thinking about purhasing the item sometimes before which is really necessary. When the offer matches our real necessity then its useful offer. Otherwise its killer offer which make us to lose our money in unnecessary purchases.

Lets not trap in the advertisement tricks of merchandisers of malls and super markets - groceries.

Another thing is that we are cheated by the price strategiess like 9 dirhams(instead of 10 dhs), 19.90 dirhams(intead of 20 dhs. 99 dirhams instead of (100 dhs), 799 dhs instead f 800 dhs. These are all psycological manipulation of our mind to think the single digit or the first digit number in the price, i.e 799 is actually 800 dhs, but its illusioned  like 700 dhs. People are convincing themselves to jump in to purchase the items for 700 dhs not realizing its actually 800 dhs.

The real ethics of business is not to manipulate the people's mind to purchase unnecessary items by tricky advertisements, but the businesses here has to offer real value for necessities of the consumers. The businesses have competitions have to compete in providing great value for money to the consumers, not to manipulate them through sales and marketing strategies. People will get awareness of these tricks and they will stop go to the particular malls or supermarkets.

Lets wish for genuine necessary things to buy and lets not lose our money by the manipulative marketing and sales and offers(which are 99% cheating).

Pass this to others if its found valuable.

Thanks and best regards,

B. Ahamed Ameen
Working and Living in Dubai.

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Shameed said...

எங்கள் சகோதரர் ஆசான் நண்பர் இதில் அனைத்துக்கும் பொருத்தமான அண்ணன் NAS அவர்களின் பின்னுட்டம் இந்த வருட சிறந்த பின்னுட்டமாக வந்ததில் எங்களுக்கும் பெருமையோ

sabeer.abushahruk said...

Welcom in Adirai Nirubar bro B. Ahamed Ameen,

assalamu alaikkum varah...

Thanks for your first posting in AN which is an useful awareness for expatriates living in Dubai.

It is like a kind of addiction which Credit Card influences into a consumer. In both methods, people end up in buying things that are not too important.

Welcome once again and awaiting for more awareness postings in Adirai Nirubar, where you will find well matured readers and the writers to encourage you.

M.S.முஹம்மது தவ்பிக். #9790282378 said...

Right on ,nice article i was read two times its saying true and which one need affordable to purchase somthing.

Iqbal M. Salih said...

In fact, a valuable information for Dubai shoppers.

Sharing such kind of awareness posting by you

is highly appreciated! thanks bro.

இப்னு அப்துல் ரஜாக் said...

This kind of tricks (not treats)are happening everywhere,including America.thanks mr Ameen for a nice awareness article.

N.A.Shahul Hameed said...

Dear Brother BAA!!!
Assalamu Alaikkum (Warah)!!!
Hearty welcome to AN my dear Prof.B.Ahamed Ameen. As my student and former colleague I know very well that you always have public consciousness and preserving the professional ethics. You showed your commitment and total involvement in your academic as well as your professional persuit.
The first article itself appears is more awarness oriented and I wish you to contribute more and more in future too.
Jazakkallah Khairan
By the way convey my regards to your family members.
N.A.Shahul Hameed

Yasir said...

Wonderful articles. It is very seldom to find a person who has social responsibility to make awareness about particular things to others…Bro B. Ahamed Ameen
is one of them it seems…you most welcome to A.N…hope you got into a right place where similar of your’ s minded people living here in A.N

// its killer offer which make us to lose our money in unnecessary purchases.// 1000% agreed with you

I just want quote this great lines from our Assathal Jahir Kakka article which fits everywhere / anywhere / anytime for those who wants go for shopping regardless of any country / place / offers

பொருள்கள் வாங்க சரியான விதி '"தேவைப்படுவதை வாங்கு, ஆசைப்படுவதை வாங்க யோசி"


one who shift their mindset from materialistic to something worth full for future will not trap in to this tricks.

I thought of writing a line...suddenly i saw Bro Yasir already quoted it.

Ahamed Ameen said...

Dear brothers and sisters,
I could sense the value of the article I have written by your morale boosting comments. Actually,I used to share my thoughts on various subjects of personal and social concerns with my neighbours, colleagues of different languages and cultural backgrounds here Dubai. But this thought got written form which I was sharing with one of my colleagues on metro while were on the way to GITEX 2012 - IT exhibition on 18th Oct 2012.
Thanks a lot for my teacher and colleague NAS sir, and all brothers and sisters who have appreciation through their writings and trough their hearts.

Canada. Maan. A. Shaikh said...

The article is very worth full and sense of valuable information for shoppers.

Thanks a lot

அப்துல்மாலிக் said...

Bro Ameen, Its a excellent awareness article which peoples are force to visit their shop with their offers..!, I have been trying to stop to visit those

keep on rocking such awareness posting...

Ahamed Ameen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

NAS sir has such a charisma and right approach to nurture the students to become excellent. He has true affection with our adirai community(most of them students of his department and other faculty students, even high school students and other normal public) till now. I have been observing him that he has been guiding and directing our minds through constructive comments in online blogs belongs to Adirampattinam origin. It shows that he is keeping his heart with our people. I am proud of having such a wonderful intellectual soul as my teacher and colleague, in department of computer science, KMC.

Unknown said...

Sir, My Heartfelt congratulations.
Definitely we need to recognize NAS sir's affection and his deep urge to encourage our community to become the best. His comments(Comment of the Year) reflects it. So one of the best comments from him deserves its rank.

புதுசுரபி said...

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”
― Aristotle
I respect Prof.NAS, who produce an intelligent student ...

Keep writing an intellection up..

Unknown said...

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