Risky Lives Of Dubai Motor Bike Riders (Messengers)

I am having urge to write about the working condition of our brothers particularly motor cycle drivers in Dubai. My thoughts flow as follows.

Motor cycle driving in Dubai is one of the dangerous drivings. We lost few brothers in Dubai. I remember a brother whose name is Habibur Rahman(Allah Yarham) who lost his life in Dubai Sharjah road in late 1990s. And another brother whom I visited when he was wounded and admitted in Rashid Hospital two years back. And recently one month back a brother whose head was hit and with bleeding from nose continuously sent to India for right diagonosis and treatment. I don't know his health condition yet. May God almighty save him. And few other brothers are having bolt in their knee joint for few years to set their bones.(The bike accidents have been more and more - minor and major accidents)

I have been observing brothers who are opting motor cycle riding as a way of earning money in Dubai. They just come to Dubai without any skills, only having confidence of motor cycle driving as a career oriented skill. Once they come they get motor cycle license. And job offerings for motor cycle drivers  are immediate here, because most people are hesitating to take risky job like this. So our brothers landing in this immediate job offers in the title of messengers, document collectors, delivery boys etc with somewhat good salary.

But the risks of driving motor cycle in UAE roads are extremely dangerous. In the extreme weather conditions such as summer hot, foggy, and rainy days are surely affecting such drivers.

People who may argue for motor cycle drivers have to realize a probability that thousand times they may go out of home, drive and come back safely. Alhamdulillah. The accident could happen in thousand and first time(1001st). And Almighty Allah should save brothers.  The first brother who passed away in the motor cycle accident in late 1990s I mentioned above had his body was crushed and blood stain was on the road for long period of time.

The brother who is riding motor cycle might be a sole bread winner for the family. In such case the whole family is at risk of losing the brother in the road. So, the family and friends of such brothers must discourage them to give up the job at any cost. We see here thousands of other opportunities which are not having such risk. But those jobs have less salaries. Eventhough the brothers can gain experience, then grow gradually to excellent level.

Actually these wrong choice of choosing motor bike as a work in UAE is because of wrong guidance, lack of confidence in improving oneself, wrong friends circle who have been doing similar kind of work here already, and greediness of getting rich quicker than others.

I believe in developing individuals' brain faculties, with mentoring, right guidance, and discipline.

The brothers who are riding bikes first of all have to decide to change the work. And learn necessary skills to work indoor jobs. Pray to Almighty Allah and search other jobs. Nothing is impossible.

They have to
  • Have intention for best jobs - everything based on intention.
  • Avoid the hesitation - for asking any kind of help in landing better job.
  • Believe in gradual growth which is natural.
  • Build confidence out of courage, higher self esteem(value oneself higher)
  • Have good command in English.
  • Computer Skills - Now almost everyone know how to use facebook, how to use voip calls.
  • Networking Skills - Knowing so many people in person and through online(social media - facebook, linkedin, blogs).
  • Take changing of motor bike job to indoor job as a challenge and strive to win in this challenge which is possible.
I observe the brothers who ride motor bike here are gaining confidence out of our town motor bike riding experience - worth mentioning is that our brothers in our town riding bicycles which are threat for public. And long distance bike riding must be avoided to save life. So, if a person has confidence of choosing a career based on previous experience of riding motor bike, why he can't change the previous experience like good English Speaking Skill, Good Computer Skills, Good Accounting Skills, and etc etc. to a better job offers than the motor bike messenger?. I think its possible at any age than risking the life on the road here in UAE.

Human has potential to develop himself to extraordinary level.

May Almighty Allah give us strength and guidance to change to excellent condition of working and excellent life.

Please spread this awareness to the bike riders in UAE roads (to our home town bike riders too) and I wish coming generations will not choose the bike riding messenger as a job.

Thanks and best regards,

B. Ahamed Ameen
Working and living in Dubai.

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தாஜுதீன் (THAJUDEEN ) சொன்னது…

Well said Br.Ameen.

I thought of writing like this few days back. Many thanks.


Abdul Razik சொன்னது…

Valuable facts and advice for forthcoming job hunters in Dubai.

Abdul Razik


The heading must read as "MESSENGERS"

+ Valuable facts for new job seeking friends. When deciding safe works they have to decide fast. Just for some dirhams we cannot risk our lives. [ Make sure they have enough coverage on Disabilty & Medical Takaful [ islamic insurance]

இப்னு அப்துல் ரஜாக் சொன்னது…

It is very sad to here this kind of incidents and may almighty Allah save us.

m.nainathambi.அபூஇப்ராஹீம் சொன்னது…

//this awareness to the bike riders in UAE roads (to our home town bike riders too) and I wish coming generations will not choose the bike riding messenger as a job.//


two days back one incident in Dubai near clock tower, just a slow drive after sign on 'GREEN signal' bike rider taken a cut drive, Allah saved bike rider from the serious injury Alhamthulillah.

Irfan s/o (Japan) Sheikh Abdul Cader சொன்னது…

What brother Ameen expresses is quite true to save the life of motor bikers. Riding motor bike with highest speed is the easiest one but at the same time the bikers should have controlling power to save their life especially in Gulf countries. Well said brother Ameen.

sabeer.abushahruk சொன்னது…

Thanks to bro Ameen for his concern on the subject.

Every time I happen to see a motor cyclist at my side mirrors while am I on the wheel of my car, I used to be afraid of their riding and worried too.

As it is said in this article how dangerous to be on the job of bike messenger it is obvious that they have not much choices to find employment with decent wages .

Education will bring changes and education only will give good options of employments.

It is unfortunate that I was told that most of the bike messengers are from our community and our region.

May Allah bless them with safe riding.

Yasir சொன்னது…

Not only talking about problems (as most of us do ) also giving solutions to that is a perfect way of discussing any issue or subject
Br.Ameen did that in a very matured way here…Allah Bless you

I wish, this article to be translated in Tamil and issued among our job-seeking brothers ,if someone can do the translation ,I can print it in our printing press here
And as the author mentioned, we have to help the job seeker’s as much as possible, if not KFC at least we have to get them some peanuts

aa சொன்னது…

The article and the concern is really appreciable. But i believe the article may not reach the target audience (the bike messengers of Gulf Countries)as it is in English.

பைக் மெசஞ்சர்களை ஆங்கிலக் கட்டுரை சென்றடையுமா என்பது சந்தேகமே. தமிழில் கட்டுரை இருந்திருந்தால் நன்றாக இருக்கும் என்பது என் எண்ணம்.

அப்துல்மாலிக் சொன்னது…

Well said bro,

// wrong choice of choosing motor bike as a work in UAE is because of wrong guidance, lack of confidence in improving oneself, wrong friends circle who have been doing similar kind of work//

Its a valuable point which most of our fellows are struggle to decide what they need and how to survey...

Ebrahim Ansari சொன்னது…

Valuable concerns- useful tips- necessary awareness's. Thank you Mr. Ahmed Ameen for publishing similar articles.

Ahamed Ameen சொன்னது…

Asslamu Alaikkum Dear brothers and sisters,
Thanks very much for viewing the article. Your comments through writings and through hearts are more valuable feedbacks to me.

I have strong hope that the article has reached the eyes of almost all routine viewers of this excellent blog site(and our well known blog adiraixpress also).

And as per my request, proactively(similar to brother Yaseer) you could spread this awareness to concerned people(bike riders) who may not view the blogs at all.